Common and Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the engine break in period?

A: No matter which engine your spartan is equipped with the break in period is 20 hours of engine run time. Your spartan has this programmed into the console, to check how much break in is left just click the wrench button.

Q: What kind of oil should I be using in my engine?

A: After the break in period is over on your spartan you will need to change the engine oil and filter. Engine manufactures recommend using their company branded oil. Click here to view which oil your engine takes.

Q: What is the hydro break in period?

A: Hydro break in period will be 250 hours of runtime for models equipped with Parker transmissions and 75 hours for Tuff Torq transaxles. Click here to purchase hydro fluid change kits.

Q: How do I know which hydros my spartan has?

A: Spartan models come equipped with two different types of transmissions, Tuff Torq or Parker. If you have an RZ-C to RZ PRO model you have Tuff Torqs. If you have a RZ HD to SRT XD or KG Pro to KGZ XD then you have parker transmissions. If you are still not sure which transmissions you have call 810 656 9347 for technical assistance.

Q: What is the proper tire pressure?

A: For rear tires we like to see them inflated 10-12psi, as for the front 8-10psi. This should give your spartan optimal ride and traction.

Q: What is the correct operating RPMs?

A: No matter the engine in your spartan the proper RPMs with the blades engaged and no load should be 3600 plus or minus 100 RPMs. This will give your spartan optimal blade tip speed. This excludes the new KGZ-XD Model as it has been designed to operate at 2800 RPMs.

Q: Why does my spartan just click or not do anything when pressing the start/stop button.

A: Most of the time this problem is caused by a bad battery or user error. To rule out user error make sure you have the green light on the console before pressing the start/stop button. If you have a green light and the issue proceeds make sure when pressing the button to make sure your entire finger is covering the button, I like to use my thumb. Bad batterys will also cause this issue, to check the battery use a load tester (local auto parts should have one if you do not). Make sure your connections on the battery and the starter are tight and not corroded as well. If these solutions do not fix your issue contact your local dealer or for over the phone assistance call us at 810 656 9347.

Q: Why wont my console buttons press down?

A: This is commonly found on older spartan models. It can happen from dirty getting behind the rubber button and preventing it from being pushed down. The fix is to use compressed air around the seam of the button and blow out any dirt.

Q: What style and brand of blades should I put on my spartan?

A: This questions has multiple answers, you will have to decide which blades to used based on the conditions your mowing. For your average customer cutting a medium to thick grass we recommend the OEM High lift spartan blades. For customers cutting thin grass we recommend the copperhead super high lift blades. If your mowing mostly leaves or running over sticks you should have the oregon gator G6 blades installed. To purchase any of these blades click here.

Q: When I pull in the drive handles why does the mower shut off?

A: This is caused by a feature programmed into the mower. You must disengage the parking brake before removing your drive handles from the neutral position. This feature is in place to prevent customers from driving the mower with the parking brake still engaged. 

Q: At full speed why is my spartan is pulling to the left or right?

A: This can be caused by two factors, severe difference in tire pressure between the left and right side or your drive arm adjusters are incorrect. To adjust your drive arms when at full speed you must either thread in or out the hex head bolt found near the base of the drive arm. This bolt comes in contact with drive arm at full speed to limit the potential travel. For example, if your mower is pulling to the left that means you need to screw in the adjuster bolt on the right side to slow down the right side tire.

Q: How do I get my spartan to stripe my yard?

A: A lot of the reason you are not seeing stripes in your yard is due to user error or your yard has thin grass or is filled with weeds. User error means when you make a pass down your yard you could be overlapping your last pass to much and the stripes are blending together. You also need to make sure you are cutting down and back, not in a circle pattern. Cutting in the same directions every mow will also help establish stripes. Your grass needs to be proper shape to achieve quality stripes as well. If you have lots weeds in your yard apply some scotts turf builder weed & feed which can be found at your local TSC.

Q: What is the best way to clean my spartan?

A: Before even touching your spartan with water use your leaf blower or compressed air to remove any loose grass or build up, make sure to remove pullley covers as well. Next step is use a power washer as a pre wash then apply a degreaser of your choice. we prefer Zep Industrial purple degreaser in a pump sprayer. That step should remove most grass and dirt stains. Use the power washer again for the rinse, remember to avoid spraying your console directly. Once the wash is completed use a towel or leaf blower to dry the mower off. To prevent pre mature spindle bearing failure start the mower and engage the deck for around 60 seconds to clear out any water or condesation inside the spindle housing.

Q: What RPM or speed should I be engaging my blades?

A: Spartan has a soft start PTO which allows engagment of blades at full RPM. We recommend coming to a complete stop before engaging your blades.